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Wrenee Character Sheet by Raven916 Wrenee Character Sheet by Raven916
Okay, well, this is a new character of mine...but she doesn't have a name... ^^; so for now, she will be refered to as "Winged Arm Girl".... ^^; ANYWAYS! The scanner cut off some of the left side of the drawing.... It says: The deal with her arms and wings is that she can "flatten" the feathers against her arms and "bristle" them to fly.... Can't really think of another way to explain it.... XP And she does wear armwarmers/armcoverings in public....

And don't make fun of my horrible hands/fingers and the weird thing with her feet.... T_T Okay, HER left foot just kinda came out that way, and I know her leg should be curved more, but I drew the leg before and stuff, but it's like she's standing on the side of her foot.... Yeah, I like how the other foot came out better.... XD :lol:

There will be more info on her in a little, just gotta finish it.... ^^; And if anything else is illegible, I'll decipher it for you. :lol:

EDIT: YESS!! SHE HAS A NAME!!! Okay, call me a lame-o, call me what you will, but it's Wrenée.... Ya know, like the bird wren...that's the point of the "W", and I just had the name Renée popping into my head all the time, so I was like, FINE, THAT'LL BE HER NAME!!..... But I got to add the "W" :3 And the story is coming...along...eventually.... I started's in my head...just have to write it. ^^; :aww: There's also more of her know how it is...starting things, hoping to finish them someday.... ^^;
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March 25, 2007
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